Thursday, 12 April 2012

China Visit - Closing Ceremony, Boats On Houhai Lake, Peking Duck, Farewell

Friday 6th April
So we wake up for our last day in Beijing. Once again the sun is up, we head to Hanban HQ for the Closing Ceremony, where complimentary words are spoken. Everybody has enjoyed the stay and all the activities. Tony, Jane, Nancy, Jenny and Monica have been wonderful to us. Gifts are exchanged and friendships sealed. We would all love to come back.
We then return to Houhai for a trip on the lakes in the pedal boats, a time to sit back and relax as we take in the surroundings once more. With our stomachs craving one more fix of Chinese food, Tony reveals that it will be Peking Duck for all. Yes this was our favourite and the duck population of Beijing is certainly less since we arrived.
Back to base camp and try to pack all the new belongings into out travel bags. Not easy considering the sheer volume of purchases, but we succeed, and load it all onto the bus before heading to the airport.
Farewell to Beijing for now and to our new friends. 16 hours of flying awaits and hopefully a little sleep along the way. Breakfast in Dubai and dinner in Wexford, sounds good!
A special word of thanks to all twenty pupils who travelled on this trip of a lifetime, they were outstanding ambassadors for our school and country. It was a pleasure to be in your company.

 Sea Dogs.
Party's Over...We're Going Home.

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