Tuesday 30 April 2013

FAI Youth Inter League Winners

Congratulations to Conor Clancy, Dylan Walsh and Aaron McMahon who were members of the Wexford squad who beat Waterford on penalties to win this national title on Sunday last. Well done lads.

Maths Champion

Well done to our first year students who participated in the finals of the Irish Junior Maths Competition on 26th April. Cathal Crowe, Adam Flaherty, Matthew Currid and Conn McIntyre.
Congratulations to Conn who came in first place on the night and his score was good enough to make him National Champion, a great achievement.

Friday 26 April 2013

Robin Dempsey Presents Ireland Jersey

Recent past pupil Robin Dempsey, who is currently on contract with Aston Villa dropped into school on Wednesday to present one of his Ireland U.17 shirts. Robin was a key member of this team and also has had a successful run in the Villa U.18's this season. We wish him well in his future career.

Thursday 25 April 2013

Positive Affirmations

Extra Curricular
Dale White, Conor Cullen, James Scallan, Peter Ryan
Good Deeds
Keane Kehoe, Ben McMahon, Ben Barnes, Jack Kavanagh, Marty Mullally, Calum Berry, Pater Ryan

Minor Success v Carlow

Well done to Eoin Roche and Jamie McDonnell who were on the Co. Wexford minor football team that defeated Carlow last night in Wexford Park. Eoin managed to score  a goal and two points, while Jamie was rock solid in defence. Well done lads and best wishes for the rest of the competition.

Cycle Against Suicide

On Wednesday 24th April,  twenty four Transition Year students and two teachers joined the peloton of cyclists who are cycling around Ireland to raise awareness of positive mental health and to try help break the cycle of suicide that exists in Ireland. We joined the route at Oylgate , and what a wonderful occasion it was being part of over 300 cyclists, all kitted out in orange. We pedalled back to Wexford and finished with a huge welcome at the Presentation Convent, where food and soup was on offer. We listened to a talk on the reasons for this event and left knowing that if we encounter problems in life, we need to talk and ask for help, don't try go it alone. Thank you, Ms. Ivers for organising our participation.

Monday 22 April 2013

China Tour by Jack Egan

Day 1

We were all exhausted by the time we had arrived in Beijing, a two hour flight to Paris, then a ten hour flight to Beijing, (but at least they had TVs on the plane). We arrived at a restaurant for our first taste of real Chinese food, we ate all kinds of chicken, pork, rice and all kinds of other food, and all without the hint of a knife and fork, chopsticks only, lads. After the food we checked into The Tianfang hotel where we were staying, and after being up and travelling for the best part of two days, we finally found our beds.

Day 2
On the second day we were officially welcomed to Beijing in the Great Wall Chinese Centre, speeches were made and we were all given free T-shirts. After the welcome ceremony we went to Nanlougo lane Houtong, a very old street full of ancient building which had been converted into shops. after that we went to Pearl Market, you could buy nearly anything there for absolutly dirt cheap prices, we bought at least five pairs of Beats headphones each for about fifty euro per person, whereas that would have cost at least ten times as much in Ireland, amon the other things bought were lasers, Jackets, T-shirts and silly hats. We had to haggle for absolutly everything there, we didn’t even care what we were buying, we just wanted to haggle, and we got some cool stuff for almost no money on the side.
Day 3
Day 3 was a big one, we checked out of the Tianfang hotel, where there was an incident involving a bottle of Old Spice that we will not go into further, Once we had gotten our baggage sorted by leaving it with the hotel we visited Tiananmen Square, which is truly massive, no single photo can show how huge it really is, after the square we went into the Forbidden City , which is right next to it, inside the Forbidden city there huge buildings which were ideal for taking group photos in front of, the tour took a more than an hour, because the Forbidden City is probably even bigger than Tiananmen Square, we came out the other side eventually and got a bite to eat, then it was on to Wangfujing street, where you could buy Chinese street food, which was very different to say the least from Irish food, The lads ate scorpions, star-fish, beetles, and some kind of unidentified meat on skewers. After we finished with the unusual food we set off to the train station to get to Xi’an.

Day 4
To put it simply, the night train to Xi’an was absolutely terrible, we were six in a room the size of a coffin, and we didn’t have doors, that was the difference between economy and first class, first class had doors. The hostel, on the other hand, was one of the best parts of the trip, it was called the 7 Sages Hostel, and we had a western style breakfast (or theclosest the Chinese chefs could manage), huge rooms (four of us even got V.I.P rooms, my-self included), and brilliant weather to top it off. After an hour or two in the hostel of playing ping pong or doing parkour or martial arts or whatever you did to pass the time, we went to the wall of Xi’an, which surrounds the original, ancient part of the city, once there we cycled the whole 13.7 km of the wall on tandems. There were collisions, there was banter with the locals, there were races, there were even threats, but after an hour and a half of cycling we all eventually made it back to the point we started at on the wall. After a few ice creams we were on the road again to a Muslim snack street. The snack street was like a miniature version of the Pearl market, but with more terracotta statues and food, we didn’t get much time there, unfortunately, and half the time we didn’t know what we were eating there either, but it tasted good and no-one got food poisoning, which was nice.

 Day 5
The first thing after checking out of the 7 sages that we did on day five was go to a factory where they make replicas of the terracotta warriors, they showed us how they were molded from clay in casts, and all the various types of soldiers. Of all the original warriors buried underground, only one was still intact when the archaeologists dug them up, the archer, it only survived because it was crouching, after the factory we set off for the army itself, but you don’t just go to the army, you have to go through alot of buildings first, where there are vendors trying to sell you stuff around every corner, we made it through the shops where parts of the army had been dug up and saw just how huge it was, the pictures speak for themselves, after the warriors we went to a museum which contained weapons and bronze-works found there as well. Once we were done seeing the warriors it was back to the train station and back to Beijing.

Day 6
We took the same night train back, which did not go down well, and checked back into the Tianfang hotel, once we’d rested a bit it was onto the Birds Nest stadium. Time had not been good to her, it was rusted and unused when we saw it, but it was sure big, after a look around we went into the Cube, where the swimming events took place, some of the lads even got to swim in the warm up pool while the rest of mooched around the gift shop and café. Once we left the Cube our journey took us to an incredible acrobatics show, which included motorcyclists, chair climbing, and dancing women.
Day 7
We started day 7 with the Ming tombs, which was the site of many burial grounds for Emperors and Empresses, but the real highlight was the Great Wall, what can I say, it was three miles of stairs, with a great view on top, even though we were absolutely shattered afterwards, it was completely worth it. We went to Kung-Fu class at the Temple of Heaven after the wall, but instead of learning kick-ass martial arts skills, we looked like bunch of fellas who’ve had too many drinks. We returned to the Pearl market after the Temple of Heaven, to give in to our inner consumer.

Day 8
Day 8 started with checking out of the Tianfang for the second and final time, we moved on to the Summer Palace, where the Emperors would spend their summers by the lake in a massive palace that was more of a town than anything, after that we went to a district of streets by another lake, where we bought souveniers and candy floss before moving on to the silk market. Now, the Silk market is like the Pearl market except it’s 10 TIMES BIGGER, 10 TIMES BADDER AND DIRT CHEAP, we spent 7 hours in there but I honestly don’t remember most of it. After we spent all our money in the Silk market, it was off to the airport and a final goodbye to Beijing
Day 9
If you were unlucky then you spent Day Nine on a plane back to Ireland, but if you were lucky then you spent in Paris, where we saw the Champs D’lysees, the Arc D’Triomph and had a breakfast in McDonalds,. Of course we  got up to a lot of shenanigans, like when Jack Crean got himself lost in the Parisian metro, not to mention all the people who shouted at us because they thought we were students who had decided to skip school for the day.

By Jack Egan

National Enterprise Award Winners

@Games - Terry Whitty and Abdullah Amin

Nathan O'Connor - ISSU PRO

In April 2012 Nathan was elected PRO of the Irish second level students union. (ISSU). At their first AGM in the Dept. of Education, Nathan learned the importance of his role. Throughout the year the had the privilage of representing the ISSU at numerous events around the country, even travelling to Copenhagen, Denmark where he represented Irish students at European level. He was selected onto a Dept. of Education working committee dealing with I.C.T.facilities in second level schools. This provided him with immense experience and contacts within the education field. In March 2013, Nathan was re-elected to the role of PRO. Congratulations Nathan on your achievements.

Thursday 18 April 2013

First Year Hurling Blitz at Dicksboro, Kilkenny

Wexford CBS..............3-7
Carlow CBS.................2-4

The Bokerboys were slow to start and squandered many goal chances before Jack O’Leary calmly slotted two points and Jordan Hayes grabbed another to give Wexford CBS a 0-3 to nil lead after ten minutes.
Carlow registered a point and then Wexford corner forward Ryan Dempsey had his strong shot amazingly stopped by the Carlow keeper but it still went over the bar for a point and Wexford retired 0-4 to 0-1 ahead.
The goals started to flow after the break. Ryan Dempsey wasn’t going to be denied and he found the net when Ben McMahon gave him a pass and Dempsey slammed the ball to the net.
Jack O’Leary put Jordan Hayes in for a nice goal but Carlow struck back with a goal of their own. Ben McMahon pointed but Carlow got in for another goal to close the gap.
However Lee Busher calmed Wexford nerves when his fine strike hit the net. Adam Howlin had moved outfield at this stage and he floated the ball over the bar and the man who replaced him in the goal pulled off an amazing save late in the game.
Wexford CBS: Adam Howlin (0-1); Aaron Walsh, Tiernan O’Reilly; Ryan McLoughlin, Danny Walsh, Cian O’Connor; Philip Rawson, Jack O’Leary (Capt. 0-2), Cian Rossiter; Lee Busher (1-1), Jordan Hayes (1-1), Conor O’Leary; Ben McMahon (0-1), Ryan Dempsey (1-1).

Wexford CBS................1-13
Kilkenny Colleges..........7-3

The Kilkenny forwards were too sharp for the Wexford lads who still managed to score thirteen points but found it difficult to get goals.
The half-time score was 5-2 to 1-4. Lee Busher scored Wexford’s goal in the 15th minute and followed it up with the score of the day when Jordan Hayes passed to him and Lee raced up the field before dispatching the ball between the posts.
The points continued to flow in the second half. Danny Walsh was replaced in the goal by Jordan Hayes and he scored four points and Ben McMahon was accurate with two points after passes from Jack O’Leary.
These two 20 minute-a-side games were very beneficial for Wexford CBS who are improving all the time. 
Wexford CBS: Danny Walsh (0-4, 2 frees); Aaron Walsh, Tiernan O’Reilly; Ryan McLoughlin, Philip Rawson (0-1), Cian O’Connor; Jack O’Leary (0-1), Cian Rossiter, Lee Busher (1-3); Ben McMahon (0-2), Jordan Hayes, Adam Howlin (0-2); Conor O’Leary, Ryan Dempsey (Capt.).

Monsieur Kevin avec les Bokerboys

Space Camp Easter Trip 2013

Boker Lads in Flight of Fancy!!
April 2013
Thirty students drawn from the 1st and 2nd years in Coláiste Éamonn Rís visited Brussels, Maastricht and Paris during their Easter Holidays from the 1st to the 5th of April. They were accompanied by their teachers: Mr David Byrne, Mrs Linda Scallan and Ms Niele Kavanagh.
This exciting excursion to the European Space Centre. Brussels, saw the boys travel to Outer Space on simulated spacecraft. The intrepid Boker boys zoomed through the darkness, passing by all the Stars and Planets. Other activities included the building and launching of rockets.
Outings during the trip included an exciting visit to the local Forest Adventure Centre, where the lads took part in outdoor pursuits, climbing rope bridges and whizzing across high wires. The chaps also visited the town of Maastricht in the Netherlands for a souvenir-buying trip. A visit to Disneyland, Paris, afforded the opportunity to parade with classic Disney characters and to fly high in the Star-Wars-themed flight simulator. Visits were made to Pocahontas' Indian Village in Frontierland, with its ochre-coloured pueblos.
Certificates of Participation were presented to the thirty lads by School Principal, Mr Michael McMahon, to acknowledge the hard work and good behavior of the students during the trip.
By Ibar Quirke

Positive Affirmations

Work Ethic
Karol Uju, Kristian Kaltchev, David Okegbile, Tuan Wadding-Hayes, Mihai Poptile, Chris Cowman, Conor Godkin, Dillon Broaders, Luke Fox, Thomas Shore, Brian Sweetman.
Extra Curricular
Matthew Creane, Ben Creane, Terry Whitty, Abdullah Amin, Greame Smyth, Brian Sweetman, Sean Hopkins, Dyla Lawlor-Breen, Evin Ryan, David Okegbile, Daniel Crosby, Chris Cash, Thomas O'Brien, Andy Wongprachan, Ciaran Mahon, Alex Edyt.
Good Deeds
Kean Kehoe, Ben McMahon, Ben Barnes, Jack Kavanagh

Wednesday 17 April 2013

National Enterprise Award Winners

Congratulations to Abdullah Amin and Terry Whitty, who won ' Best Display' with their @games presentation, in the Intermediate Category, at the National Finals in Croke Park

Senior Rugby - Vinny Murray Plate Champions

Wexford C.B.S....19   Newpark Comp. ...5

On a wild and wet afternoon in Wicklow RFC, The Bokerboys landed their second Leinster title of the season. It was  the last game in school colours for Michael Maguire, James Roche and Ciaran Kavanagh and they certainly played their part in adding this triumph to the medals already collected in Donnybrook back in January.
Newpark won the toss and chose to play against a stiff wind with the rain in their faces. They owned the ball for the opening few minutes but learnt that Wexford defence was highly organised and took no prisoners. They failed to make any inroads into our territory and when they conceded a penalty, Wexford spurned the posts and kicked for the line-out option in the corner. Collie Joyce-Ahearne gathered and set the maul, heading towards the line, flanker Gavin Byrne broke on the blind side to get the touchdown. Sean Stafford, who has been superb all season, kicked a wonderful conversion from the touchline. 7-0
Given the horrendous conditions the standard of rugby was excellent from both sides. Again following a successful line out, Wexford employed the 'pick n go', many players carried the ball, each one gaining hard earned meters, excellent technique and ball retention eventually paid off when James Roche crashed through the ever dwindling defence for his first try in school colours. Once again Sean Stafford added the extra points from the conversion, with another sublime strike. 14-0
In control but mindful of the ticking clock, Wexford would need more on the scoreboard as the turnabout was not far away, and the elements were simply awful. Following exceptional ball handling across the back line, Gavin Byrne broke down the right wing, fighting off a tackle he managed to keep the ball in play, some quick offloads and Conor Fenlon fed Collie Joyce-Ahearne, who was unstoppable from close range
19-0, a good 35 minutes work.
Half time was for rest and instilling the belief that our defence was unbreakable. We turned into the wind and rain, faced our opposite numbers and were ready for what ever they would throw at us. We were in control at scrum time, disrupted their line outs and had a fair share of possession. At one stage we carried over ten phases, superbly controlling the ball and working together. This took its toll on Newpark, and time and time again they were sent backwards. Tackling was committed and wholesome and with the clock ticking away handsomely, there was a certain element of pleasure being had from each and every hit.
With only minutes left , Newpark finally did cross the whitewash, but it was going to be a purple and gold day, with a nice touch of silver to go with it.
Great scenes of joy greeted the final whistle as the Bokerboys shared their feelings with our travelling supporters.
All this squad of players have been immense this year and thoroughly deserve to reflect now and enjoy what they have achieved. Thank you for executing our plans and fulfilling our dreams. Bring on next season.
Team: James Roche, Steve Roche, James Byrne, Darragh Comiskey, Michael Maguire, Gavin Byrne, David Kavanagh, Collie Joyce-Ahearne(Capt.), Conor Fenlon, Eoin Roche, Mickey Roche, Sean Stafford, Josh Healy, Ruairi Devereux, Liam Barry.
Subs: Ciaran Kavanagh, Joe Coleman, John Joe Browne, Tomas Barry, Richie Cleary, Dean Kehoe, Matthew Devereux, Evan Dunbar. Kenny Rawson our lucky charm.

Friday 12 April 2013

Wexford County Football Minors

Best of luck to Eoin Roche and Jamie McDonnell who are both in the Co. Wexford Minor Football panel for Round 1 of the Leinster Championship v Westmeath in Mullingar on Saturday next.

Thursday 11 April 2013

Positive Affirmations

Work Ethic
Ben Creane, Adam Flaherty, Matthew Currid, Aaron Kinsella, Leigh Moran, Chris O'Dowd, Sam O'Neill, Aaron Smith, Aaron Walsh, Abdullah Amin, Ibar Quirke, Daniel Crosbie, Tuan Wadding-Hayes, David Okegbile,Graeme Smyth, Ben Walsh.
Extra Curricular
Justin Butler
Good Deeds
Nathan O'Connor, Leon Nolan, Danny Bennett, Justin Butler, Conor Byrne, James Byrne, Andrew Gibbons

Wednesday 10 April 2013

X-Cel Co. Wexford Student Enterprise Awards

 Shell Shack – Graeme Smyth, Brian Sweetman, Sean Hopkins and Dylan Lawlor-Breen. Winners of Best Interview in the Inter Category
C&T Clocks – Chris Cash and Thomas O’Brien. Runner Up in Inter Category and Winner of Best Report. 
 Papercuts – Ciaran Mahon, Andy Wongprachan, Alex Edyt
 @ Games – Abdullah Amin and Terry Whitty. Winners of Inter Category. Will represent Co. Wexford in National Finals at Croke Park Convention Centre on 18th April.
Cookie Monsters – Daniel Crosbie, Evin Ryan and David Okegbile 
Boardchalk Empire – Ben Creane and Matthew Creane. Winner of Junior Category. Will represent Co. Wexford in Croke Park on 18th April at National Finals

Monday 8 April 2013

Spacecamp Brussels

A group of students headed of the Brussels to visit 'Spacecamp', which also included a trip to Eurodisney, Paris. A full report is to follow.