Tuesday 31 May 2011

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Monday 30 May 2011

Annual Awards Ceremony 2011

Having spent the previous Monday meeting and greeting the President of the United States, Barack Obama, Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin was back among his own in the Riverbank House Hotel when he was guest of honour at the annual Wexford C.B.S. Awards Presentation Night.
The function room was jam-packed with the students being honoured and their parents. They heard Minister Howlin urge the young students to look to the future with great hope and determination. He said he was “delighted to be here to recognise the incredible work, achievements and endeavours of the past school year. I still remember my time in Wexford CBS with great fondness. I can recall the mixed emotions of looking to the future in terms of career and choices.
“Ireland has been under a cloud for the last two years. The recent visits of Queen Elizabeth II and Barack Obama have lifted the national morale. We have shown what we are capable of. This is a great nation with talented, enterprising, committed people. There is no difficulty we can’t overcome.
“President Obama wrote a book some years ago when he was starting out in politics. It was called The Audacity of Hope. The word ‘audacity’ comes from the Latin where it means ‘to dare’.
“We have to act with boldness, courage and determination for a better future. It is easy to be sucked in to feelings of hopelessness and negativity. It surrounds us on the radio, in conversations and in the newspapers.
“There is much to be done. Together we are going to do it. It won’t be a spectator sport; there’ll be no room for onlookers. You might ask ‘What can I do?’ But it’s what you can do for your class, your school, your town and your country. Students are the future. Face that future with confidence and pride. I wish each of you well in all that you do and face in the years ahead,” he concluded to a warm round of applause.
Earlier Master of Ceremonies and Deputy Principal of the CBS, Mr. John Hegarty welcomed Minster Howlin, the parents of the students, the students, the Board of Management and the staff.
School principal Mr. Michael McMahon commented on the excellence of the students and praised for their academic as well as sporting achievements during the school year.
Mr. McMahon also thanked teachers Seamus Doyle and Sean Ahearne, Deputy Prinicpal John Hegarty and school secretary Bernadette Stafford for their work in organising the function.

Major of Wexford and CBS teacher Joe Ryan was also on hand to help at the prizegiving ceremony. Mayor Ryan and Mr. McMahon presented Minister Howlin with an inscribed silver cross pen to mark the occasion.

Finally the Transition Year students made a presentation of a bouquet of flowers and a signed picture of the group to the Transition Year Co-ordinator Ciara Spellman for her Trojan efforts with the class throughout the year which included, among many varied activities, a week-long trip to China.

5th Year Subject Awards

Irish (H): Cian Ryan
Irish (O): Wayne Shiggins
English (H): Nathan Wysocki
English (O): Thomas Barron
Applied Maths: Chris Jevens
Maths (H): Shane Keating
Maths (O): Ciaran Roche
History: Cian Ryan
Geography: Brian Moore
French: Cian Ryan
Accounting: Cian Ryan
Business: Blair Kelly
Physics: Shane Keating
Chemistry: Daniel Sinnott
Art: Chris Phillips
Construction Studies: Peter Furlong
Design & Comm.Graphics: Adrian O’Reilly
Biology: Chris Phillips
L.C.V.P.  Nathan Wysocki

Spirit of Transition Year  Award

6 Nominees

Mark Bailey
James Roche
Colm O’Corcora
Jason Kearns
Colm O’Keeffe
Dean Loughnane

Winner: Jason Kearns

3rd Year Awards

Stephen Dempsey
Bradley Cohen
Cathal McGuire
Matthew Devereux
Conor Byrne
Eoin Roche
Colm Joyce-Ahearne
Shrinath Kumar
Matt De Claro
Gavin Byrne
Steve Roche
Adam McGuire

James Byrne
Michael Gaul

Jamie McDonnell
Brandon Cogley

Michael Rowe
Sean Stafford

David Kardas
John Joe Browne

2nd Year Awards
Sam Okegbile
Fiachra Tobin
Jack Crean
Andrew Berry
Christopher Doyle
Ross Long
Ryan Blanch
Aaron Scahill
Dean Neville
Hwan Lee
Robert Scully
Sean Monahan
Sean Gayer
Gearoid Finn
Conor Lynott

Corey Mahon
David Dempsey

Nick Maloney
Darragh Wickremer- Hendrick

Jamie Grace
Alexander Wycech

Andrew Ross
Steven Cullen

Jack Barrett
Diarmuid O’Connor

1st Year Awards
Conor Bolger
Adam Carroll
Dale White
Dillon Boaders
Edward Cummins
Eoin O’Shea
Alex Lohier
Daniel Lynch
Jack Smyth
Luke Fox
Aaron Jordan-Roche
Karol Uju-Amajirionwu
Eoin Hickey
Hristian Kaltchev
Noah Santschi-Cooney

Adam Buckley
Jesse Farrell

Tony Crosbie
Aaron Goodison

Patryk Dluzynski
Shane Doyle

Kevin Harte
Joseph Redmond

Adam Molloy
Evan Dempsey

 Sports Awards 2011

Senior Soccer - Dean Roche 6th Year
Junior Soccer - Robin Dempsey 3rd Year
Senior Footballer - Colm Browne 6th Year
Junior Football - Jason Kearns Transition Year  
Senior Hurling -  Sean Pailing 6th Year
Junior Hurling -  Sean Stafford 3rd Year
Juvenile Hurling - Stephen Kearney 1st Year
Senior Rugby -  Rodger Duggan 6th Year
Junior Rugby - Ian Moran 3rd Year
Senior Athlete -  Marco Pons 6th Year
Senior Basketballer of the Year
Robert Paras 6th Yr
Junior Basketballer of the Year –
 Matt De Claro 3rd
Fifth Year Winners
Transition Year
Sport Award Winners
First Year Winners
Second Year Winners
Third Year Winners

6th Year Graduation Mass and Award Ceremony

6th Years , their parents and teachers, attended the end of year mass, celebrated by Fr. Brian Whelan, to honour and give thanks for their time spent at Coláiste Eamonn Rís. It was a joyous event accompanied with wonderful melodies. Mr. Hegarty conducted the award ceremony, Mr.McMahon wished all the graduates well in their exams and life there afterwards. Sean Ryan and Dylan Joyce-Ahearne reflected on behalf of the students, and thanked all those in the school community who provided for them during their stay at Coláiste Eamonn Rís. Well done to Ms. McDonald for organising the event.

Edmund Rice Award: Sean Ryan
Kathleen Fahy Award: Dylan Joyce-Ahearne

Accountancy: Dylan Joyce-Ahearne
Applied Maths: James Bennett
Art: James O'Rourke
Biology: Stephan Kalchev
Business: Martin McLoughlin
Construction Studies: Deam McGrath
Design Communications Graphics: Darren McCabe
English: Simon O'Carroll
French: Dylan Joyce-Ahearne
Geography: Sean Ryan
German: Warren Heffernan
History: Colm Browne
Irish: Sean Ryan
LCVP: Ciaran Byrne
Maths: James Bennett
Music: James Bennett
Physics: Andrew Kavanagh.
Special Achievement Award: Art Phong Udomkun
Performance Arts Award: Andrew Kavanagh

 Andrew Kavanagh - Performance Arts Award Winner
 Sean Ryan - Edmund Rice Award Winner
Dylan Joyce-Ahearne - Kathleen Fahy Award
Sport Awards Winners.
Edmund Rice Award Winner and Nominees.

Subject Award Winners.

Coláiste Eamonn Rís Awards Ceremony. Monday 30th May 2011

Tonight in The Riverbank Hotel at 7.30pm the annual award cermony for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, TY and 5th years takes place. It is recognition for the best in academic achievement, progressive effort and sporting excellence. Past pupil Minister Brendan Howlin will be the guest presenter.

Sunday 29 May 2011

First Year Waddell Shield

On Friday last the First Year Waddell Shield was held. This is the main event in the school year for First Year rugby enthusiasts. It was a great success with almost 90 players involved. There is a depth of talent at our disposable for the future. This year the competition was played on a knock - out basis due to time pressure, but non the less it produced some scintillating rugby with excellent handling and hard hitting the order of the day.
Prelim Rd.   Cedar...4   Pine...7
Semi-Final   Oak...3   Pine...1
Semi-Final   Ash...2   Birch...1
Final   Oak...3   Ash...2

The following players certainly had a positive impact on their teams performances.
Calum Berry, Conor Coleman, Eoin Doyle,Shane McGrath, Ryan O'Rourke, Joe Redmond, John Hamilton, Stephen Kearney, Calum Murphy, James Takacs,  Nigel Donohue, Daniel O'Connor, Darragh Rossiter,Brendan Furlong, Michael Lawlor,Aaron McGuire, Dilon Rowe, Chris Vickery and Jason Guerrine.
 Waddell Shield winners Oak

Saturday 28 May 2011


Senior Hurler of the Year, Sean Pailing in relaxed mood after the Graduation Cermony.

Staff v 6th Year Soccer

The Staff...3   6th Years...0
The annual end of year Staff v 6th Year soccer game took place on Friday with the usual outcome, a victory for the staff. 6th years promised a lot but in the end they went like lambs to the slaughter. The opening goal from Mr.Hegarty set the tone, however the 6th years were thrown a lifeline when Mr.Codd, the ref, awarded a penalty. Up stepped 'Duggy', but his well place shot was saved by Mr.Ahearne. The Staff then went for the jugular and two well taken goals from Danny Fitzpatrick were enough to wrap it up. 3-0, a handsome scoreline.

Thursday 26 May 2011

Footloose - The Musical

All cast members will be called in for workshops a day or two before school starts back in August.  A facebook page will be set up before Monday evening, called “Wexford CBS & Pres School Musical”, further information about scripts, rehearsals etc will be posted on this page so keep an eye on it.
Hard luck to those students who did not get through, we had to make some very tough decisions as competition was fierce.
Anyone who would like feeback on their audition, just ask.
Well done to everyone!


Ariel                                                        Samantha Carr
Ren                                                         Gavin Byrne
Willard                                                   Luke Jackson
Rusty                                                     Niamh Doyle
Urleen                                                    Gabby Varnelyta
Wendy Jo                                              Jessica Guiney
Rev Shaw Moore                                 Marty Mulally
Vi Moore                                               Jessica Walker
Chuck                                                    Jack Robinson
Travis                                                     Mark Bailey
Lyle                                                        Peter Furlong
Garvin                                                    Adam Busher
Bickle                                                     Brian Moore
Jeter                                                       Conor Cossee
Wes Warnicker                                    Michael Dryburgh
Lulu Warnicker                                    Ciara Brady
Coach                                                    Daniel Cunningham
Eleanor (Coach’s Wife)                      Brenda Gilhooly
Cowboy Bob                                        Danny Fitzpatrick
Betty Blast                                            Imaani Keogh

Danny Bennett, Dean Loughnane, Chris Phillips, Danny Sinnott, Nathan Donovan, Ryan Coleman Carey, Jack Matthews, Robert Donnelly, Michael Roche, Adam Maguire, Jack Barrett, Dylan Fitzharris, Cian Allen, Kevin Beirney, Adam Barnes, Conor Larkin, Adam Roche, Andrew Berry, Rory Mahon, Daniel White, Nathan O'Connor, James Walsh, Peter Hore.
Megan Boyle, Alice Meehan, Lucy Flanagan, Eimear Gilhooly, Shauna Hogan, Austeja Varnelyta, Orla Codd, Leah O’Toole, Kelly Adams, Taylor Watson, Beibhinn Whelan, Mary O’Rourke, Roisin Tobin, Hayley Roche, Sarah Rea, Liadh Nicargain, Ciara Grey, Michelle Jordan, Emma Shannon, Megan McIntosh, Hannah Fox, Shauna Kelly, Niamh Carley.

Wednesday 25 May 2011

2nd Year Waddell Shield

The annual Waddell Shield 10-aside rugby tournament for 2nd Years took place today. Around 80 pupils participated, representing the five second year classes. Despite the wet and windy conditions there was some excellent play and many emerging players who will be in contention for Junior Cup places next season. Thank you to Mr.Ahearne and Mr. Walsh for organising the event and Dylan Lawlor, 5th year, for his help with timekeeping and recording of results.
Laurel ...5   Spruce...2
Hazel...1   Maple...6
Laurel...9   Hazel...1
Spruce...3   Rowan...1
Laurel...6   Rowan...1
Spruce...2   Maple...3
Laurel...7   Maple...1
Hazel...3   Rowan...3
Spruce...3   Hazel...0
Maple...3   Rowan...0

The winning Laurel team captained by Joe Coleman.

Positive Affirmation Committee

The following students have, this week, been commended by their teachers to the Positive Affirmation Committee for their involvement in the school talent show.

James Bennett
Andrew Kavanagh
Eden Hogan-Duff
Mark Walsh
Simon O’Carroll
Danny Fitzpatrick
Brandon Nolan
Marco Pons
Rodger Duggan
David Doyle
Ciarán Byrne
Colm Browne
Steve Mullally
Kris McGuire
Mark Bailey
Chris Phillips

Tuesday 24 May 2011

6th Year Graduation Ceremony

The 6th Years will have their graduation mass and awards ceremony in the school on Fri.27th May. It is a fitting occasion to end their years of education at Colaiste Eamonn Rís. All parents are invited and a  buffet will be hosted afterwards in the gym by the Parents Council. Mass starts at 7.30pm.

Sunday 22 May 2011

Leinster Champion Marco

Congratulation to Marco Pons who won the Senior Discus at the Leinster Schools Athletic Championships in Santry, Dublin on Sat. last, with a throw of 51m. He will now represent Leinster at the All-Ireland  finals.

Flo-Gas Division 2 Final Report (Friday May 20, 2011)

Wexford CBS............. 7-7
Ramsgrange CS..........3-10

A mush improved second half display ensured that Wexford CBS won back to back Flo-Gas Division 2 titles last Friday when they overcame Ramsgrange C.S. after a mighty struggle.
Played in Ramsgrange school and 13-a-side at the home side’s request, the lead changed sides many times before the outcome eventually swung the way of Wexford CBS due to five second half goals.
Ramsgrange led at the break by 2-7 to 2-3 and were fully deserving of their lead as they hurled very cleverly in the opening period and took most of their chances.
However it was Wexford CBS who grabbed the opening score when Stephen Kearney nipped in and lashed the ball to the net inside the first minute. The same player added a pointed free soon after.
Ramsgrange then fought their way back into the match as Brian Power pointed twice, one a free. In the 12th
 minute James Rochford grabbed a fine goal for the home side as they took the lead.
Back came CBS as their midfielders Nicky Lawlor and Luke Byrne combined for the latter to point. At the other end, Brian Power converted three frees which gave Ramsgrange a lead of 1-5 to 1-2 after 15 minutes.
Stephen Kearney registered his second goal for CBS with a kicked effort which drew the sides level but Ramsgrange’s Jack Doherty struck a ground shot neatly into the bottom corner of the net before the break.
Ramsgrange’s four point lead at half-time turned into a two point deficit within sixty seconds of the new half as Jesse Farrell with a ground stroke and David Tormey put Wexford CBS ahead by 4-3 to 2-7.
Ramsgrange levelled with points from Adam Foley and James Rochford as both sides struggled for supremacy. CBS went ahead again as Jesse Farrell added another point and Stephen Kearney split the posts with a free.
Kearney then turned provider as two mazy solo runs into the heart of the Ramsgrange defence resulted in goals for David Tormey and Jesse Farrell.
James Rochford replied with a goal for the Ramsgrange lads to keep them in touch as the game entered the closing stages. The CBS defence repelled a 21 yard free and withstood further pressure from the Ramsgrange attack but with dangerman James Rochford well shackled by Joe Redmond; they began to lose their grip on the game.
The insurance score for Wexford CBS arrived late on when David Tormey and Jesse Farrell played a neat one-two before Tormey drilled the ball home.
County Coach Luke O’Hanlon presented the trophy to CBS captain Nicky Lawlor afterwards and he praised both sides for their performances.
Best players for CBS were Conor Fenlon, John Hamilton, man-of-the-match Joe Redmond and Stephen Kearney while Willie Dwyer, Brian Power and James Rochford shone for Ramsgrange.
Wexford C.B.S.: Rob Donnelly (Buffers Alley); James Somers (Faythe Harriers), Conor Fenlon (Glynn-Barntown); John Hamilton (St. Martin’s), Ciaran Kirwan (Faythe Harriers), Joe Redmond (Shelmaliers); Nicky Lawlor (Faythe Harriers 0-1, Captain), Luke Byrne (Faythe Harriers 0-1); Mikey Coleman (St. Martin’s), Dylan Hynes (Clonard 0-1), Stephen Kearney (Faythe Harriers 2-2, 0-2 frees); David Tormey (Clonard 3-1), Jack Murphy (Faythe Harriers).
Subs: Jesse Farrell (St. John’s 2-1) for Murphy inj., Conor Coleman (St. Martin’s) for M. Coleman. Also Kevin Birney (Glynn-Barntown), Gary Cullen (St. John’s), Stephen Cullen (Clonard), Dillon Dixon (Blackwater), Luke Lambert (unattached), John Leacy (Glynn-Barntown), Daniel Lynch (Faythe Harriers), Aaron McGuire (St. John’s), Michael McNulty (Buffers Alley), Liam Rockett (Shelmaliers), Padraig Rossiter (St. Martin’s), Stephen Rossiter (Shelmaliers).
Ramsgrange C.S.: Thomas Walsh; Jamie Doran, Willie Dwyer; Daniel Johnson, Stephen Morrissey (0-1), Adam Prendergast, Adam Foley (0-1), Simon Murphy, Leigh Foley, Alex Poitegar, Brian Power (0-7, 6 frees), James Rochford (2-1), Jack Doherty.
Subs: Darren O’Grady, Alan Kehoe, Aaron Doyle, Josh O’Brien.
Ref: Johnny Doyle (St. James).

Wednesday 18 May 2011

U.19 Soccer Champions

Wexford C.B.S.............3
Kilcoole C.S.................0

Congratulations to Mr. Codd and his merry band of men who captured the Wexford-Wicklow League in style today. The goals were all scored by Danny Fitzpatrick, who now is a legend in C.B.S. folklore. The Michael Enright Cup sits proudly in the Boker once more.

A fantastic season which saw Wexford CBS take some notable scalps came to a dramatic conclusion on Wednesday afternoon as the Wexford lads emerged victorious in a wonderful Wexford – Wicklow Under 19 final.  Their opponents, Kilcoole of Wicklow, boasted several county players, many of whom had international experience. 
It was no surprise, therefore, that the CBS boys found themselves under the cosh for most of a first half in which they played against a strong wind.  Indeed they were grateful on several occasions to goalkeeper, Ross Lynch, who made some superb stops at vital moments. Ross’ performance was all the more remarkable considering he was only called into the team to replace the unfortunate Ryan Furlong who was injured the day before the final.  Ross was more than ably supported by a solid defence of Pierce Dooley, Brandon Nolan, Captain Dean Roche and the excellent Dale Scallan.  Spurred on by this staunch defence the CBS soon began to find their feet and the tide began to turn.  Robin Dempsey and Ashley Haughton deserve immense credit for stabilising the mid field and creating chances for the dangerous forward pairing of Sean Pailing and Danny Fitzpatrick. Indeed, it wasn’t long before Fitzpatrick took advantage of one such opportunity to put the Wexford boys one up at the break.
The second half began with a flurry of chances created by the CBS lads who, were now, smelling blood.  Finally, one of them fell to Fitzpatrick who notched his and his teams second with half an hour to go.  Kilcoole, however, were in no mood to surrender and piled pressure on the Wexford goal.  Both wide men, Keith Morrissey and Steve Mulally threw their support behind an overworked defence and succeeded in keeping Kilcoole at bay.  Time ticked by and it became obvious to all there that this Wexford team just would not be breached.  The icing on the cake came when man of the match, Fitzpatrick, completed a memorable hatrick by tapping in after some great work by Scallan. 
The Michael Enright trophy was presented to winning captain, Dean Roche by Mrs. Mary Enright, amid scenes of much jubilation.  Manager, Brendan Codd, would like to express his thank to St. Joseph’s soccer club for kindly allowing the use of their wonderful facilities and to Johnny Nolan, Joe Breen and Fr. Brian Whelan for their continued help and support throughout the year.  A special word for the entire panel who represented their school in such a dignified manner throughout the season. 
Dean Roche                Lee Harpur                  Pierce Dooley              Dylan Walsh
Sean Pailing                Brandon Nolan           Ross Lynch                 Shane Murray
Danny Fitzpatrick       Keith Morrissey          Steve Mulally              Peter Furlong
Robin Dempsey          James Flood                Sean Kearney              Stephen Duggan
Ashley Haughton        Dale Scallan                Ryan Furlong              John Larkin
                                                                        David Doyle               Lee Ennis

Footloose - The Musical

Com'on all you budding actors, get to the music room on Monday 23rd May from 4pm to 6pm for auditions for the upcoming musical with the Pres. girls. Footloose will be performed in the new school year.

Monday 16 May 2011

Senior Teams 2011

 Senior Football coached by Mr.Dennehy and Mr.Kirwin
 Senior Hurling coached by Mr.Howlin
 Senior Rugby coached by Mr.Ahearne
Senior Soccer coached by Mr.Codd

Soccer International, Robin Dempsey.

Congratulation to Robin Dempsey who recently lined out for Ireland U.15's v Quatar and Belgium. He is a very talented soccer player following in the footsteps of his brother Gary, who likewise represented Ireland. We wish him many more caps in the future.

Ferns Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Best wishes to Fr. Brian Whelan and the four 5th year students, Chris Pender, Daniel Sinnott, Chris Jevens and James Cleary who leave for Lourdes in the early morning. It will be a great and worthwhile experience for them.

Sunday 15 May 2011

Leaving Cert Class of 1986 Reunion

A get together of the Class of 1986 will take place in South 51 on Sat.21st May. I am sure many memories will be exchanged over the course of the evening. Enjoy the event lads.

Saturday 14 May 2011

Events this week May 16th - May 20th

Monday 16th : 
Tuesday 17th : 
Wednesday 18th : U.19 Wexford-Wicklow Soccer League Final v Kilcoole C.S.
Thursday 19th : 
Friday 20th : Flo-Gas 'B' Final: Wexford CBS v Ramsgrange CS, in Ramsgrange school. 12 noon

First Year Hurling

Wexford CBS ....8-8
Bridgetown ......4-6

The first years played their second match in two days and picked up a well deserved victory over the Bridgetown juvenile team in Pairc Charman on Friday (May 13th) in a fourteen-a-side game.
This victory puts the school into the Flo-Gas final against Ramsgrange where CBS will hope to successfully defend their title. There was plenty of experimentation carried out as CBS fielded two vastly different teams in each half.
The first years were helped by some second years (Dylan Hynes, Stephen Cullen, Luke Lambert, John Leacy and Mark Kavanagh) in the second half, who it was felt by management, needed game-time.
Stephen Kearney registered the first score with a point before Bridgetown lashed in two goals through their burly full-forward. However CBS struck back with points from Jesse Farrell and Kearney.
Farrell struck for two goals around the first quarter – the first following a nice pass from Joe Redmond and the second was a fine solo effort. Kevin Harte followed up with a goal but Bridgetown struck back with some points to cut the deficit.
John Hamilton got two points before Aaron McGuire pounced on a ball that came back off the post from Joe Redmond and bashed it to the net.
This left the half-time score at CBS 4-5 to Bridgetown 2-4.
The rain came down in bucket loads in the new half as CBS’s new team got to grips with Bridgetown. Dylan Hynes scored 1-1 before neat goals from Conor Coleman and Liam Rockett increased the CBS lead.
Bridgetown’s full-forward plundered his third and fourth goals before Mark Kavanagh and Conor Coleman pointed. Stephen Cullen had the last say when he caught a high ball and lashed it to the net.

Wexford CBS (first half): Mikey Lawlor; Padraig Rossiter, Cian Allen, Eoin Doyle; Gary Cullen, Rob Donnelly, Dillon Dixon; Jesse Farrell (2-1); Dillon Murray, John Hamilton (0-2), Kevin Harte (1-0); Aaron McGuire (1-0), Stephen Kearney (0-2, 1 free), Joe Redmond.
Wexford CBS (second half): Kevin Harte, Kevin Birney, John Leacy, Daniel Lynch; Michael McNulty, Aaron Nobbs, Stephen Rossiter; Dylan Hynes (1-1); Liam Rockett (1-0), Rob Donnelly, Adam Carroll, Mark Kavanagh (0-1); Conor Coleman (1-0), Stephen Cullen (1-0), Mikey Lawlor.

Leaving Cert Photo Shoot

As the Leaving Cert class of  2011 approach the end of their stay at Coláiste Eamonn Rís, the final photo shoot took place in the GP Room on Thursday last, here are a few photos taken as the were being prepared for that final shot of them all together. The official photo will be available to them shortly.

Friday 13 May 2011

First Year Hurling

St. Peter’s .......................2-8
Wexford C.B.S................. 2-4

St. Peter’s came out on top in this entertaining challenge game played in Power Park (Thursday May 12th) by four points.
CBS were behind at half-time on a score of 2-4 to 1-2 with Turk Kearney grabbing the goal in the 25th minute. Turk pointed a free early in the game and Liam Rockett also fired over a point.CBS brought on all eight subs at half-time and this didn’t alter the flow of the game. St. Peter’s added four points. CBS scorers were Rob Donnelly who sauntered up from centre-back for a point.Aaron McGuire gave Jesse Farrell a great return pass and Farrell lashed the ball home. Liam Rockett registered his second score in the 50thminute.
Wexford C.B.S.: Eoin Doyle; Kevin Birney, John Hamilton, Daniel Lynch; Gary Cullen, Rob Donnelly (0-1), Dillon Dixon; Stephen Kearney (1-1, 0-1 free), Jesse Farrell (1-0); Aaron Nobbs, Joe Redmond, Stephen Rossiter; Michael McNulty, Stephen Cullen, Liam Rockett (0-2).
Subs (all half-time): Cian Allen for Stephen Cullen, Kevin Harte for Stephen Rossiter, Mikey Lawlor for Liam Rockett, John Leacy for Farrell, Aaron McGuire for McNulty, Dillon Murray for Doyle, Padraig Rossiter for Birney, Padraig Rossiter for Daniel Lynch.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

C.B.S. Has Talent

First show today was a great success and well done to all the organisers and all those who participated. A great event enjoyed by all.

Tuesday 10 May 2011

First Year Hurling Fixtures

First year hurling matches:

Thursday May 12th, Wexford CBS v St. Peter's College, Power Park, 1 p.m.
Friday May 13th, Wexford CBS v Bridgetown (Flo-Gas tournament, round 2), Pairc Charman, 12 noon.