Thursday 14 April 2011

Sci Fest Winners

Well done to our three First Years, Eoin Hickey, Liam Hore and Stephen Breen who entered a project on Wind Energy in this years Scifest.
All their hard work paid off when they were chosen as winners in the Junior Technology Section and were overall winners of the Discover Sensors Award.

Discover Sensors Award Criteria
The Discover Sensors award is presented to a student science project which demonstrates a high level of application of investigative science methodologies that include the innovative use of one or more sensors for the collection, recording and analysis of data.
The Discover Sensors award criteria are closely aligned with those of the Junior Certificate Science Coursework B and are based on the following three key areas:
The students’ application of scientific methods
The students’ demonstration of scientific process skills
The students’ presentation and analysis of data and results

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