Wednesday 11 April 2012

China Visit - The Great Wall, Temple Of Heaven, Kung Fu, Silk Market

Wednesday 4th April
The visit to The Great Wall was always going to be a highlight and it did not disappoint. We went to Juyongguan Pass, built in the Ming Dynasty nearly 2000 years ago, about 50k north of Beijing. Again it was crowded but we managed to reach the summit, on another glorious sunny day. The views from the top section were magnificent. Liam Barry took the gold medal.
Dinner was at a Pearl Centre and was once again top class. Following dinner we were treated to the opening of an oyster shell, that revealed almost 20 pearls inside, albeit small ones not ready for the open market. Purchases were made here as good deals were on offer.
The Temple Of Heaven,seen as one of Beijing's most holy temples, an absolute masterpiece of design. The Emperor came here every winter solstice to pray for a good harvest. Interestingly this temple was built without the use of nails.
After this visit we were to participate in an hour Kung Fu session in the Temple Of Heaven park. This was another highlight, as the two Masters led our boys through a most enjoyable session, much to the amusement of the many passers by, who stopped to be entertained.
The day finished with a little shopping at The Silk Market, the lads are now masters of the Kuai and how to get the most value for it.
 Base camp.
En Route To The Top.
The Medal Winners.
All Up.
All Down.
 Kung Fu Masterclass.
All Together Now.

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