Wednesday, 11 April 2012

China Visit - Nanluogu Lane, Houhai Lakes, Silk Market, Acrobatic Show.

Tuesday 3rd April.
Another fine sunny day awaits as the mercury rises to 25 degrees. This morning we head to visit one of Beijings oldest Hutongs.  It is over 700 years old , dating back to the Yuan Dynasty. At the end of this is Houhai, an area including two man made lakes which allows the local Beijingers enjoy open space and water. We rented bikes of all sorts and headed deep into the hutong and its winding alleys, this turned out to be memorable for many reasons. After another fine feed of local delicacies we headed to the shopping empire of The Silk Market, 8 floors of heaven, everything available at glorious prices, as long as you engage in the fine art of haggling, 'you too tough' could be heard throughout the building as The Bokerboys set about their business of getting bargains.
Following that exhausting experience, food was badly needed, but alas we finally came a cropper, when the dumplings were produced. Not to the liking of our lads atall, atall. Ah well, we had been on a good run and this was only a minor glitch. Nothing that couldn't be sorted in Carrefour on the way home.
Before home however we went to an Acrobatic Show, this was incredible. Had to be seen to be believed. Amazing feats of balance and co-ordination. Seven motorcycles going in different directions inside a large mesh ball, was simply enthralling.

 One Of Our Favourite Places.
 The Tour.
 Houhai Lakes.
The Silk Market - Xiushui.

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