Tuesday 24 January 2012

U.15 Soccer

The U-15 Soccer Team played Enniscorthy VC in the ¼ final of the Wicklow/Wexford School League on Tuesday. A tough game was expected from the offing.
Enniscorthy won the coin-toss. Early possession favoured Enniscorthy, they passed well and peppered Wexford CBS’s goal with numerous half chances. Wexford’s back line of Aaron Goodison, Emmet Sinnott, Eoin Doyle and Alex Lohier repelled a rampant Enniscorthy early on. Another good save from goalkeeper Shane McGrath kept the score line 0-0.
Wexford slowly began to establish themselves in the game with Darragh Rossiter breaking up play. He set up Dylan Ennis down the left wing but it came to nothing. Another tackle by Luke Redmond-Browne gave the ball to Emmett Ryan but once again the attack was smothered by Enniscorthy’s defence.
Enniscorthy were still enjoying the lions share of possession when Wexford broke up the left wing, a good pass forward from Aaron Goodison found Dylan Ennis, who was fouled attempting some neat trickery, free-kick. Eoin McDonald stepped up and fired the ball into the box, hesitation from both goalkeeper and the defence let the ball fly into the net. 1-0 to Wexford.
Enniscorthy again enjoyed more possession and played Wexford off the park for the majority of the first half. Their dominance finally paid off as a corner from the left produced a towering header to the back of the net. Wexford 1-1 Enniscorthy.
Emmet Sinnott broke up another Enniscorthy attack. Darragh Rossiter and Dylan Ennis both tested Enniscorthy’s goalkeeper late in the half. Mikey Lawlor’s efforts up front were still leaving him empty handed. Half-time, Wexford CBS 1-1 Enniscorhty VC
Wexford sub: Brendan Furlong for Emmett Ryan (injured)
Positional changes helped Wexford at last impose themselves on the game. A new midfield of Luke Redmond-Browne, Eoin McDonald, Mikey Lawlor and Brendan Furlong began to dominate. Eoin Doyle cleared an Enniscorthy attack; the Wexford lads passed and moved the ball with ease now, setting up another Darragh Rossiter chance.
Shane McGrath found Brendan Furlong in space with a clever goal-kick. Brendan and Mikey Lawlor set up Darragh again. After a goalkeeping blunder Daragh eventually passed the ball to the net. 2-1 to Wexford. Wexford sub: Dylan Dixon for Luke Redmond-Browne
Wexford were now rampant, helped by Eoin McDonald winning numerous tackles and Aaron Goodison’s impressive display at left back. A free-kick just inside Enniscorthy’s half set up Eoin McDonald again. Eoin let fly an unstoppable shoot from all of 30 yards. Enniscorthy’s keeper could only watch the ball hit the back of the net. 3-1 to Wexford
Wexford sub: Joe Redmond for Dylan Ennis
Enniscorthy needing goals pushed forward but Wexford’s back-line stood firm.
Wexford sub: Robert Donnelly for Alex Lohier
Wexford sprung another attack, Dylan Dixon broke up the left wind but it came to nothing. Brendan Furlong shot wide of the mark after creating an opening. With Enniscorthy now throwing caution to the wind looking for goals, Wexford broke away and a neat finish from Darragh Rossiter made it 4-1 to the CBS.
Wexford sub: Tony Crosbie for Mikey Lawlor
With time running out, Joe Redmond broke forward; his low cross from the right was easily cleared. Tony Crosbie had another decent chance but found his shot blocked by the Enniscorthy rear guard.
Final Whistle
Wexford CBS 4-1 Enniscorthy VC
Scorers: Darragh Rossiter x2, Eoin McDonald x2.
Good performance by both teams, however Wexford CBS will probably need to improve to advance to the final on this showing. Well done lads!
GK Shane McGrath, Aaron Goodison, Eoin Doyle, Emmet Sinnott(Capt), Alex Lohier, Emmett Ryan, Luke Redmond-Browne, Daragh Rossiter, Dylan Ennis, Mikey Lawlor, Eoin McDonald.
Brendan Furlong, Dylan Dixon, Joe Redmond, Robert Donnelly, Tony Crosbie, Dylan Bolger, Daniel Lynch.

4-1 winners over Enniscorthy V.S. 

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