Thursday 17 November 2011

U.15 Soccer

Wexford CBS 1-1 Enniscorthy CBS

Our U-15 Soccer Team head to Wexford Celtic to play Enniscorthy CBS in our second group game. After torrential rain the under-foot conditions will be very tricky.
Wexford CBS start well, passing is difficult however, as puddles of rainwater restrict any attempted good play. It’s a long ball game. Eoin Doyle and Emmet Sinnott keep it tight at the back. Luke Redmond-Browne starts to spray ball to the wings. At times the waterlogged surface makes for comical tackling, splashing water and mud everywhere. Alex Bergin breaks up an Enniscorthy attack as they push forward looking for the opening goal. Darragh Rossiter and Dylan Ennis try some neat passing but the ball gets stuck in surface water. Luke plays a long ball behind Enniscorthy’s back-four, Mikey Lawlor is on to it like a flash. The goalkeeper comes out narrowing the angle; Mikey calmly fires the ball to the back of the net.
Wexford CBS 1-0 Enniscorthy CBS
The game almost deteriorates to a water splashing contest, passing continues to be difficult as numerous passes get stuck in midfield puddles. Enniscorthy start to put pressure on Wexford’s goal. A great shot from distance has Wexford goalkeeper Shane McGrath back peddling, he makes a great save and gathers the ball in front of the on-rushing attacker.
Wexford CBS sub: Joe Redmond for Dylan Ennis
Eoin McDonald is playing very well, tackles fly in, another splash! Enniscorthy now playing with a strong breeze, pump the ball forward. Wexford CBS continue to repel the threat.
Wexford sub: Dylan Dixon for Emmett Ryan.
Pressure is mounting on Wexford’s backline. A corner to Enniscorthy, great defending by Wexford sends the ball for another corner. The ball is swung across and a towering header sends the ball past Wexford’s keeper. 1-1
Aaron Goodison clears the ball, Wexford are now pushing forward in search of the winning goal. Neat play sets up a Wexford corner. The ball is swung across; a scramble in the box has an unlucky Emmet Sinnott berating the terrible under foot conditions after an attempted strike.
Wexford sub: Alex Lohier for Darragh Rossiter
Wexford continue to push forward. Enniscorthy defend well and repel attack after attack.
Wexford fire the ball up the wing, Dylan Dixon squares it to middle, Eoin Doyle shoots, the goal keeper dives but he hasn’t a chance. Its going in, No its not! The ball stops dead in a puddle just before the goal line, the keeper finds his footing and smothers ball.
Wexford sub: Brendan Furlong for Mikey Lawlor
Both teams continue to trudge through the muddy field. One last corner for Wexford, but it is defended well by Enniscorthy.
Wexford CBS 1-1 Enniscorthy CBS
A fair result, great credit to both teams standard of play on a truly water soaked playing field.

Wexford CBS Team:
GK Shane McGrath, Aaron Goodison, Emmet Sinnott(Capt.), Eoin Doyle, Alex Bergin, Emmett Ryan, Darragh Rossiter, Luke Redmond-Browne, Dylan Ennis, Eoin McDonald, Mikey Lawlor.
Joe Redmond, Dylan Dixon, Alex Lohier, Brendan Furlong, Lee Dryburg, Tony Crosbie, Daniel Lynch, Kevin Birney. Also Jesse Farrell.

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