Sunday 29 May 2011

First Year Waddell Shield

On Friday last the First Year Waddell Shield was held. This is the main event in the school year for First Year rugby enthusiasts. It was a great success with almost 90 players involved. There is a depth of talent at our disposable for the future. This year the competition was played on a knock - out basis due to time pressure, but non the less it produced some scintillating rugby with excellent handling and hard hitting the order of the day.
Prelim Rd.   Cedar...4   Pine...7
Semi-Final   Oak...3   Pine...1
Semi-Final   Ash...2   Birch...1
Final   Oak...3   Ash...2

The following players certainly had a positive impact on their teams performances.
Calum Berry, Conor Coleman, Eoin Doyle,Shane McGrath, Ryan O'Rourke, Joe Redmond, John Hamilton, Stephen Kearney, Calum Murphy, James Takacs,  Nigel Donohue, Daniel O'Connor, Darragh Rossiter,Brendan Furlong, Michael Lawlor,Aaron McGuire, Dilon Rowe, Chris Vickery and Jason Guerrine.
 Waddell Shield winners Oak

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