Monday 30 May 2011

Annual Awards Ceremony 2011

Having spent the previous Monday meeting and greeting the President of the United States, Barack Obama, Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin was back among his own in the Riverbank House Hotel when he was guest of honour at the annual Wexford C.B.S. Awards Presentation Night.
The function room was jam-packed with the students being honoured and their parents. They heard Minister Howlin urge the young students to look to the future with great hope and determination. He said he was “delighted to be here to recognise the incredible work, achievements and endeavours of the past school year. I still remember my time in Wexford CBS with great fondness. I can recall the mixed emotions of looking to the future in terms of career and choices.
“Ireland has been under a cloud for the last two years. The recent visits of Queen Elizabeth II and Barack Obama have lifted the national morale. We have shown what we are capable of. This is a great nation with talented, enterprising, committed people. There is no difficulty we can’t overcome.
“President Obama wrote a book some years ago when he was starting out in politics. It was called The Audacity of Hope. The word ‘audacity’ comes from the Latin where it means ‘to dare’.
“We have to act with boldness, courage and determination for a better future. It is easy to be sucked in to feelings of hopelessness and negativity. It surrounds us on the radio, in conversations and in the newspapers.
“There is much to be done. Together we are going to do it. It won’t be a spectator sport; there’ll be no room for onlookers. You might ask ‘What can I do?’ But it’s what you can do for your class, your school, your town and your country. Students are the future. Face that future with confidence and pride. I wish each of you well in all that you do and face in the years ahead,” he concluded to a warm round of applause.
Earlier Master of Ceremonies and Deputy Principal of the CBS, Mr. John Hegarty welcomed Minster Howlin, the parents of the students, the students, the Board of Management and the staff.
School principal Mr. Michael McMahon commented on the excellence of the students and praised for their academic as well as sporting achievements during the school year.
Mr. McMahon also thanked teachers Seamus Doyle and Sean Ahearne, Deputy Prinicpal John Hegarty and school secretary Bernadette Stafford for their work in organising the function.

Major of Wexford and CBS teacher Joe Ryan was also on hand to help at the prizegiving ceremony. Mayor Ryan and Mr. McMahon presented Minister Howlin with an inscribed silver cross pen to mark the occasion.

Finally the Transition Year students made a presentation of a bouquet of flowers and a signed picture of the group to the Transition Year Co-ordinator Ciara Spellman for her Trojan efforts with the class throughout the year which included, among many varied activities, a week-long trip to China.

5th Year Subject Awards

Irish (H): Cian Ryan
Irish (O): Wayne Shiggins
English (H): Nathan Wysocki
English (O): Thomas Barron
Applied Maths: Chris Jevens
Maths (H): Shane Keating
Maths (O): Ciaran Roche
History: Cian Ryan
Geography: Brian Moore
French: Cian Ryan
Accounting: Cian Ryan
Business: Blair Kelly
Physics: Shane Keating
Chemistry: Daniel Sinnott
Art: Chris Phillips
Construction Studies: Peter Furlong
Design & Comm.Graphics: Adrian O’Reilly
Biology: Chris Phillips
L.C.V.P.  Nathan Wysocki

Spirit of Transition Year  Award

6 Nominees

Mark Bailey
James Roche
Colm O’Corcora
Jason Kearns
Colm O’Keeffe
Dean Loughnane

Winner: Jason Kearns

3rd Year Awards

Stephen Dempsey
Bradley Cohen
Cathal McGuire
Matthew Devereux
Conor Byrne
Eoin Roche
Colm Joyce-Ahearne
Shrinath Kumar
Matt De Claro
Gavin Byrne
Steve Roche
Adam McGuire

James Byrne
Michael Gaul

Jamie McDonnell
Brandon Cogley

Michael Rowe
Sean Stafford

David Kardas
John Joe Browne

2nd Year Awards
Sam Okegbile
Fiachra Tobin
Jack Crean
Andrew Berry
Christopher Doyle
Ross Long
Ryan Blanch
Aaron Scahill
Dean Neville
Hwan Lee
Robert Scully
Sean Monahan
Sean Gayer
Gearoid Finn
Conor Lynott

Corey Mahon
David Dempsey

Nick Maloney
Darragh Wickremer- Hendrick

Jamie Grace
Alexander Wycech

Andrew Ross
Steven Cullen

Jack Barrett
Diarmuid O’Connor

1st Year Awards
Conor Bolger
Adam Carroll
Dale White
Dillon Boaders
Edward Cummins
Eoin O’Shea
Alex Lohier
Daniel Lynch
Jack Smyth
Luke Fox
Aaron Jordan-Roche
Karol Uju-Amajirionwu
Eoin Hickey
Hristian Kaltchev
Noah Santschi-Cooney

Adam Buckley
Jesse Farrell

Tony Crosbie
Aaron Goodison

Patryk Dluzynski
Shane Doyle

Kevin Harte
Joseph Redmond

Adam Molloy
Evan Dempsey

 Sports Awards 2011

Senior Soccer - Dean Roche 6th Year
Junior Soccer - Robin Dempsey 3rd Year
Senior Footballer - Colm Browne 6th Year
Junior Football - Jason Kearns Transition Year  
Senior Hurling -  Sean Pailing 6th Year
Junior Hurling -  Sean Stafford 3rd Year
Juvenile Hurling - Stephen Kearney 1st Year
Senior Rugby -  Rodger Duggan 6th Year
Junior Rugby - Ian Moran 3rd Year
Senior Athlete -  Marco Pons 6th Year
Senior Basketballer of the Year
Robert Paras 6th Yr
Junior Basketballer of the Year –
 Matt De Claro 3rd
Fifth Year Winners
Transition Year
Sport Award Winners
First Year Winners
Second Year Winners
Third Year Winners

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